Why do we use copper and brass tubes for bathrooms?

The Multiform team can manipulate the shape of metal tubes in order to get them ready for customers. To do this, we use a series of specialist skills. One of them is tube reduction. As its name implies, we use it to reduce the tubing towards the end section. We can use this technique on tubes made of a plethora of materials, including steel, copper, brass and more.

tube reductionPeople who wish to introduce new bathroom fixtures will find a host of tubing options are available. The bathroom is a space filled with things created using tubes. Examples include shower rods and rails, towel racks and also toilet roll holders. Many of these tubes are copper and brass. Both materials have their own distinct properties. However, it’s ideal to pick the one that offers the most value. By understanding the differences between the two, you can make the best choice.


This is among the first metals ever discovered. It is famous for its corrosion resistance. In addition it has several antibacterial attributes as well. It’s also easy to identify thanks to the darker reddish hue.

As you might expect, people regularly use copper tubing for bathroom projects. The tubes are also popular in the healthcare and agricultural industries too. Here, they often work as water purifiers thanks to their antimicrobial characteristics.


Of the various copper alloys out there, brass is the most versatile. It’s an alloy made by adding zinc. The metal has a unique gold-like shade. Therefore, people use it as a cost effective alternative to real gold for their decorative bathroom goods. Around 60 separate kinds of brass exist, each with its own copper-zinc ratio. If you’re in need of a particularly hard brass tube, go for one with high zinc content.

At Multiform Tubes, we can use tube reduction on both copper and brass tubing. This technique is useful for a wide collection of applications, including supplying exterior and interior flush joints. We ensure accuracy whenever we work on tubing so that our customers get the very best products.

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