Allocating final part dimensions properly

We are a team with a long history in the world of tubing. Our people have the skills, technology, and knowledge needed to help you get to where you want to be. Tube bending services are best left it in professional hands. The inexperienced may struggle with their efforts and could therefore end up with parts that don’t fit their needs.

Designers often ask for shaped tubing. When they do, they send drawings to manufacturers. Sometimes, they have incomplete information. By leaving statistics out, they’re creating opportunities for things to go wrong. It’s preferable for bent tube designers to have details on forming these parts. It’s also handy to know about the process limitations. The following advice can aid you in providing the right info.

Suitable tolerances

Make sure you allocate final part dimensions with suitable tolerances. At this point, the designer is able to finish the part drawing. They can do this by applying certain dimensions. These are the ones to examine the part after fabrication. The measurements here aren’t necessarily identical to those the fabricator used to create the part.

Bend location

Pinpointing the bend location by using the point of tangency is a vital setup for the fabricator. After bending the tube though, it’s tricky to measure the point accurately.


Tube bending services

In regards to tolerances, assess the design for the biggest tolerance that shall still allow the part to work. Welding fabricators usually twist and bend wide tolerance parts into welding fixtures. They do so when the part goes into an enormous frame. To avoid issues, the fabricator can propose tolerances that their machines can manage.

At Multiform Tubes, we like to do more than create tubes. Something else we do is supply advice when a client needs it. We are always on hand to attend to your enquiries, especially if it involves the design. This makes our tube bending services stand out.

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