Why should I use stainless steel ornamental tubing?

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What is ornamental tubing?

The great thing about metal tubes is you can use them for so many different things. You can even opt for ornamental tubing for an array of projects in many industries. The name might suggest that everything is simply for looks here. Yet, the fact is that the tube can be an essential part of the operation and safety of the equipment or environments on which you use it.

This particular kind of tubing is extremely common too. Chances are you will have interacted with a piece of it at some stage. For example, it could be handrails, medical and exercise equipment, and elevator rails. Bathroom grab bars would be another. Whether you are at home or in public, there is probably some ornamental tubing close by.

Reasons to use stainless steel

Tube bending servicesUsually, you would utilise ornamental stainless steel tubing for the same reasons you would use another steel item. That is because you need products that are strong. However, it has an advantage in terms of corrosion resistance. Thanks to the passive layer, you don’t need to concern yourself with degradation and corrosion. This is in acidic or moist settings.

In addition, easy maintenance is a major plus in many scenarios. The passive layer on stainless steel tends to be smooth. It is much easier to clean surfaces when they are smooth and don’t have any bumps or crevices to hold dirt or bacteria. Usually, the only supplies required to keep stainless steel looking fantastic are a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. Yet, you can use stainless steel with an impressive number of cleaners. It is even possible to spray it off, allowing for flexible maintenance.

Lastly, stainless is long-lasting and robust. Regardless of what you are using it for, the weakest area is typically not the tube. It tends to be the actual mount. So, you could have tube you can rely on for many years.

Put all these traits together with a multitude of customisation options and reasonable pricing. Do this, and you can see why the tubing is so popular. Speak to us if you need first class tube bending services for these products.

The details you must consider

There are several details to consider with ornamental tubing though. Understanding all the attributes is vital for choosing the right part for your projects.

The shape and size of your tubing is one area you need to look at. In fact, shape is one of the most obvious ways to differentiate this sort of tube. Normally it comes in square, round, and rectangular shapes. There is a huge range of size options. Thus, you can match the products to the function and visual style of the final item.

Rectangle tubing for instance could be a load-bearing frame for ladders. Alternatively, it can be a shelving or storage component. With round tubing, you can have a reliable and comfortable grip for handles and grab bars. The opportunities are almost endless.

The right grade

The last thing we will talk about with ornamental steel tubing is choosing the right grade. In most instances, you can find stainless steel tube in two grades. They are 304/304L and 316/316L. The former is the most popular today.

If you are wondering which one you should choose, the answer depends on how you use the tubes. A lot of the time, the deciding factor will be the requirement for extra corrosion resistance. This is against acids and chlorides.

You could be aiming to use the tubing in corrosive environments. Examples include medical and pharmaceutical, oil and gas processing, and brewery settings. If so, the amplified corrosion resistance given by 316/316L ornamental tubing will be worth the extra cost.

For more decorative purposes in less corrosive areas, 304/304L is the way to go. It offers great corrosion resistance for light to moderate uses whilst being affordable.

We’ll get you everything you need with our tube bending services

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