You can bend aluminium tubing in many ways

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists for tubing manipulation work. Using our knowledge and talents, we can offer the likes of tube ring rolling to create the perfect tubes. The items we create can serve a multitude of industries too. Examples include fabrication, transport, heating, and medical. Our team can also work with a plethora of materials to make our services even broader.

Aluminium is the material we want to concentrate on right now. Depending on the outcome you are aiming for, there are many bending strategies you can use with these tubes. They are roller, mandrel, pressure, and crush bending. In this post, we will be going into more detail about each one.

Mandrel bending

There are going to be instances where you cannot allow the aluminium tube profile to warp, particularly at the point of a bend. Thankfully, mandrel bending offers users an elegant solution. If you insert a flexible mandrel into your tubing, the wall is going to have support during the bend work. It will maintain its shape despite the pressure. If you require our tube ring rolling services, give our team a call.

Crush bending

Tube ring rollingThis particular form of bending is a practical solution where medium to large diameter tubes must be bent to a small radius. Something you need to keep in mind is that work on any tube demands that it expand on the exterior edge. It must also be compressed on the interior edge. As a result, limitations exist.

You should choose this technique where tight bends might not be doable using other practices without your tube cracking or snapping. It overcomes these issues by indenting the tube’s interior edge. In turn it minimises the differences between the interior and exterior edges. It offers more flexibility at the point of bend for a smaller radius too.

Pressure bending

Here is a technique that employs hydraulic arms to bend your tube around a metal form. It is the form’s job to generate an accurate radius. It also supports the tube’s interior shape.

As for the hydraulic arms, you can rely on them to obtain the necessary angle of a bend. You can achieve several bends by forming your tube through a myriad of passes. You are able to do so with accurate results as well.

Roller bending

Finally we have a technique that can generate huge radius bends with a decent degree of accuracy. As a result, it is the preference for producing arches, rings, or hoops.

Another fact about this sort of bending is that you can apply it to swaged tubes. It enables the production of arches or hoops you can disassemble or assemble for portability or smaller packages.

We can make the right components for you with tube ring rolling

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we offer many specialist services to get the best results for our clients. We can select the right manipulation technique for any kind of project. Thanks to this, we can produce versatile components for all kinds of industries. We can make everything from automotive springs and spiral staircases to heating components and much more.

So, if you would like to know more about our tube ring rolling work or other areas of expertise, feel free to contact us. We are here to give you the perfect tubing.