Why would you use mild steel?

We are a company with a team of extremely knowledgeable and skilful technicians. These are the individuals who create the highest quality tubing for your requirements. They do so with the assistance of the tube ring rolling technique. With it, we can bend tubes into curves, spirals, or complete rings.

Don’t let the name fool you

tube ring rollingOne of the tubing materials we work with when rolling tubes is mild steel. With mild being in its name, people tend to ask why we use it. As far as cost effectiveness and versatility goes, there aren’t many substances that can rival this kind of steel. Thanks to the addition of carbon, the metal is robust enough for countless jobs. This is without it being expensively tensile.

Mild steel is actually the world’s most common form of the metal. Therefore, the applications are considerable and include things we depend upon every day. This includes cars, furniture, and even cookware. In addition, you can cut the tube to size and alter it to match the current specifications.

Cost effectiveness

We spoke about cost effectiveness just before and what we meant was that mild steel is the cheapest of all steels. There is a secret behind its cheapness; the carbon content. It ranges between 0.16% and 0.29%. Usually the higher the carbon, the lower the price will be. This is because it is cheaper to buy than iron ore.

When you need the steel in large orders, it is possible to create it all at once at hugely diminished costs than other steels. Thanks to these economies of scale, it is an even more popular option.


Another positive is how weldable the material is. As opposed to high carbon steel, you can coalesce mild steel far easier. Because of the metal’s particular characteristics, electric currents can move through it without messing up the material’s makeup. This is a big benefit and results in higher quality tube.


Ductility refers to how much you can plastically deform a material through elongation. This is without fracture. Strong materials in this respect are unable to go over 15% before permanently deforming. Mild steel has company here with thermoplastics and copper. You can bend and stretch it, and introduce forces that are relatively large to it. Consequently, it is easier to work, shape, and form it. This is great for processes like tube ring rolling.


You can carburise mild steel too. This is great news since the metal comes with a relatively minor tensile strength. What this means is it will break easier while under tension than other steels. Fortunately, a heat treatment procedure can improve this, creating a hard surface but leaving a tough, softer core. This is a wonderful way of amplifying the wear and strength properties of cheaper metals. Even the fatigue strength improves.

Come to us for tube ring rolling

At Multiform Tubes, we use a range of techniques to create a variety of versatile components. We can use many methods in more than one way as well. For instance, we can use hand or machine manipulation, or hot or cold manipulation.

If you need tube ring rolling or any other service to adapt tubing, be sure to contact us straight away. We offer great quality products and excellent prices.