Adapting to your needs

There are a number of situations when the end of a tube may need to be adapted, such as when the component is to be part of a much larger product. The diameter of the tubing can be expanded or reduced depending on specific requirements. Both of these adaptations can be achieved with tube swaging, an effective process that uses dies to alter the shape.

Swaging is a traditional metal forming technique that was formerly used by blacksmiths to create metal shapes that were too intricate to make with hand tools alone. Using dies makes the process much easier and also dramatically cuts the length of time the work takes. Modern equipment brings further improvements in both areas and allows tubes to be reduced to much smaller diameters.

Rotary swaging has become one of the most popular methods of adapting the ends of tubes because of the various benefits it offers. The technique produces no waste and allows a quality, smooth surface finish. It can also be used to adapt the shape of the internal edge of the tube while leaving the outside rounded. This means you can have a circular length of tubing with a square, hexagonal or even an octagonal shaped interior.

At Multiform Tubes we have years of experience with tube manipulation and end forming, and can meet all tubing requirements, including various dimensions and design specifics. We use the best equipment available to ensure we maximise quality, both in terms of the finish and the amount of time it takes to complete orders.

We are proud to be a UK based manufacturer and cater for the needs of clients from various sectors. It you need bespoke tubing we are confident we can satisfy your requirements, whether you only need a small section expanding or reducing at the end of the tube or need to change the shape of the inner edge for the whole length.

If you have any questions about our manufacturing skills please get in touch. We will discuss all of the techniques we use and offer additional advice wherever necessary. We aim to ensure our customers are in the position where they have complete confidence in us to deliver the products they need.