Delivering accurate results with our diligent tube drilling

We are renowned for our extensive selection of tube bending and manipulation services, and our reshaping processes enable us to offer solutions to all manner of applications. Our versatile services are used regularly across a diverse range of sectors, and all our tube products are available at highly competitive prices. As we work with such a varied list of customers we ensure we are always able to meet all requests and satisfy all orders regardless of complexity or size.

Maintaining consistently high production levels is one of the most important factors for any manufacturing environment. Our customers know they can always rely on us to provide an efficient, high quality service and to carry out swift and reliable delivery of their tubular components. You need a timely service to keep your project on schedule, and we take every step to ensure that this is what we provide.

Our state of the art on site equipment and machinery allows us to produce precise tubes with the smoothest possible finishes. Our tubes are strong, durable, aesthetically pleasing and are sure to offer longevity to any structure they are incorporated into. You can choose from tubes in more than 200 shapes and sizes and our swift and efficient services will ensure you save both time and money.

Tube drilling is one of the most challenging processes, but we are well equipped to carry it out. We can produce smooth and well executed cuts by using clamps that prevent the tube from moving it around while it is being drilled. By keeping the pipe completely still, we can eliminate any possibility of bending or turning. Our skilled engineers have the knowledge and experience to carry out every aspect of the work safely and professionally.

Alongside tube drilling and manipulation, we regularly supply a range of pre-formed products for a multitude of applications. From furniture and heating to the motor industry and many others, we are the one stop solution for tube drilling, beading, swaging, ring rolling and much more.