Don’t be overly dependent on machine features

At Multiform our speciality is working with tubing. Specifically, we use a range of techniques to change the shape of these products. Clients require services such as ours for all kinds of reasons. Using our knowledge on tube expansion and other areas, we make sure they have the right items.

We are currently in the age of advanced tube altering machines. However, the old saying “the tools make the bend” remains as crucial as ever. Tube manipulation applications have become more extreme. As a result, tooling maintenance, setup, and design is more important.

What are the features?

The trouble with some machine operators is that they can come to depend on the machine features. A modern feature can enable operators to acquire good results without grasping the tooling setup. As a result they make a potentially challenging application more viable. The downside is the operator does not expand their knowledge as much as they could. Instead many of them just use the same feature. This can result in limitations and also causes issues in terms of problem solving.

A trade-off

The over-dependence on the controls here also squeezes the tubing into the required formation. This is by using immoderate radial force at the bend’s point. Such a method works against the tube’s axial tension. It demands a higher machine pressure so that you can force the part into shape.

It is here where you end up with a trade-off. The tube is in the right shape, yet the high pressure at bend point lowers the tool process control, life, or both. If you set your machines up in the correct way however, you won’t need to make this sacrifice.

tube expansionAt Multiform Tubes, we use state of the art equipment ourselves. Before we use it however, we make sure that we have set everything up correctly. By doing things this way, we can provide tubes that will serve you for years to come. In addition we also ensure that all of our team have lots of knowledge about tube expansion and other techniques. As a result they can overcome any challenges.

If you would like our help, you’re welcome to call us anytime. You can also view our website to get an idea of the services we can offer.