Finding out how buckling works

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd supplies a huge collection of tube bending services to meet our clients’ requirements. They are appropriate for numerous applications. In addition, our knowledge of the industry is stellar. Thus, we can offer you top quality results every time you come to us for a service.

With tube bending, it is important to discuss what can go wrong during the process. By understanding why these things happen, you can take steps to avoid the issues in future. The problem we wish to go over here is buckling because it can cause major flaws in products.

The first step

Tube bending servicesYour first step with troubleshooting a bend is to determine precisely what the problem is. For example, buckle is a word that can mean a deformation, distortion, collapse, or bulge of your material. Bending complications like wrinkling, collapse, and bulging all come with their own causes. As a result, they demand separate solutions. In certain cases, you can even experience a multitude of problems with one bend. With that being said, let’s dive more deeply into buckling.

One of the most frequently recurring problems, often called buckled bend, happens because the material is extremely hard. When you bend it, a hard substance may not properly compress on the bend’s inside radius. This can cause deformations.

As with the majority of bending problems, you need to examine your tooling. It has to be correctly set for you to execute a bend effectively. Incorrectly set tooling is typically responsible for bend problems. Even if you think yours is correct, it is always best to review the proper placement. We do it on every job, ensuring we can offer consistent high quality tube bending services.

Plug mandrels

One thing you can use to stop buckling is a plug mandrel. They are made specifically to stop the tube from bending or flattening, stopping kinks or wrinkles. You hold the mandrel in position when you pull the tube over it. You complete the material stretching on the mandrel’s forward tip. The force, functioning on the tip, supports the bend’s inner radius. It holds it firmly into the bend’s die groove to support the tube.

We deliver the greatest tube bending services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use our range of services to deliver the highest quality tubing. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs. Afterwards, we will use our expertise and quality equipment to adapt the tubes to your specifications.

So, if you find yourself in need of our tube bending services, feel free to call or email us. You can even ask questions if you want some tips.