Why is the manipulation work turning out wrong?

The Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd team excels in manipulating tubing to meet our client’s needs. We use all kinds of methods so you get the products you need. One especially helpful technique is tube reduction. Like with tapering, we reduce the size at the end(s). The result is a utensil you can use for numerous applications, such as lines for transporting fluid, handrails, furniture, and more.

During the process of manipulating a tube, it is possible to encounter a wide array of problems and defects. In the majority of cases, the issues are the result of specific factors. To help you understand the causes, we will be talking about some of them here.

Operator errors

Tube reductionWe will begin with operator error, one of the main causes of defects. A recurring problem is using excessive pressure on clamps. This has the outcome of pushing the wiper die, which produces more wrinkles. If the pressure continues to go up, it can cause the cracking of the beads and mandrel.

Increasing the pressure isn’t always the path you should take. In reality, it can result in quicker wear on your tools. As for the machines, there will be more stress. If you require professional tube reduction work, make sure you come to us.

Tool damage

Utilising a tool set with damaged tools is also a bad idea. Your tooling is only as robust as the weakest part. If you have any broken tools, you will have a hard time creating quality bends or forms. They won’t have the optimal lifespan you desire and can produce awful results.

Manipulating with broken tools shall also lead to further waste. Plus, there could be a considerable drop in longevity for the rest of your tooling. For instance, you could be using a worn-out wiper die or mandrel. This shall result in more wear on the pressure clamp, pressure die, and clamp die. What you need to do is maintain every tool in your set and replace them when you need to.

Are those the proper tools?

Using the wrong tooling won’t get you good results either. Certain tools are going to do particular jobs better than others. To give an example, employing a mandrel that is too small for a tube shall cause wrinkles and waves. It is the same if you use a heavily worn mandrel. Such waves have a high chance of damaging the wiper die too.

We want to meet the highest standards with our tube reduction work

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we are able to use our skills and high quality resources to cater for all kinds of needs. For example, we can deal with tube made of mild and stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, and more. As experts in our field, we strive to complete each job to the highest possible standards.

So, if you would like to work with us, please get in touch. We can offer tube reduction for almost any project and also excel at bending and other types of end forming. Plus, we can provide drilling and assembly too.