Bending tubes into u-shapes

We are well known for providing a wide variety of manipulation services, transforming the shape, function and appearance of metal tubes to get them ready for their intended purpose. Among our various services, we are often asked to bend a previously straight tube into a “U”shape. There are many cases in which tubing must be bent into this shape in order to carry out the required function, or for aesthetic reasons.

To us, the sight of perfectly curved tubing enhances the appearance of any building, structure or object, and “U”-shaped components are often used for purposes such as furniture design or in railings and other settings where attractive aesthetics are important. With our experience and state of the art techniques, we can bend the tubes without sacrificing either the appearance of the material or its strength and integrity.

Many piping networks, particularly for water and for gas, require a non-standard outlay due to the constraints at the location where they are to be positioned. There is often little or no margin for error in these situations, which means our clients require extremely precisely measured tubing when constructing the piping network. Time and again we have been called on to meet the tightest level of acceptable tolerance levels in tube bending, tube ring rolling and manipulation.

When creating “U”-shaped tubes for a piping network, it is important that the curve does not limit or impede the flow of water or other substances through it. Our technique allows for a natural, enhanced flow through the tubing that is not possible to achieve via other means. We are proud of the fact that our tube bending has served to create many expertly shaped tubes which have been of outstanding service to a great number of people, whether they are needed for functional reasons or purely because of their aesthetics.