Cost-efficiency and swift completion times

Tube manipulation is crucial in many different sectors and industries, and as a leading and trusted supplier we regularly deliver a wide range of products and solutions to a diverse range of clients. Manipulation is an economical way of producing tubular components as it does not involve cutting away any of the material. The many processes involved such as tube drilling, beading, ring rolling, swaging, reduction and expansion can create the precise products you need and offer you maximum quality and cost efficiency.

We manufacture our parts and components from a selection of materials which means we can offer a comprehensive range of solutions. We strive to meet every individual requirement by delivering a tailored service. By working with such a broad range of industries ,we have been able to hone our services and develop our capabilities to successfully meet the needs of our customers.

Our customers are always provided with swift services that ensure they finish their projects on time and never have to worry about missing important deadlines. We understand the importance of efficiency and uninterrupted production, and we aim to be the best possible option for our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on offering precise products with smooth finishes. Our tubes can be manufactured in various strengths and sizes to match each specification. You can choose from a selection of shapes including oval, square and round which can be utilised in a varied range of applications.

It is essential that manipulation work is carried out by skilled and experienced engineers, and our customers can be sure of the abilities of our team. Our facilities are equipped with high quality machinery that produces the finest possible results. The industries we supply to demand unlimited product strength and durability and we strive at all times to exceed their expectations.

Our tubes can be manufactured in many different materials including mild stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium and hydraulic tube to name a few. We also carry out quality and precision welded fabrication and we can produce production lines and prototypes that perfectly match your requirements. We are renowned for our precision products, competitive pricing structure and high levels of customer care.