Excelling at tube drilling

Drilling holes in tubing is tricky, whether you deal with plastic or metal varieties. This is because the edge is curved rather than being flat, making it more difficult for the drill bit to bite into the metal and increasing the risk of slipping. Metals create additional challenges as a result of the hardness of the material.

A great tip for effective tube drilling is to start by using a smaller drill bit. This allows you to get started and makes it easier to seat larger bits when you move up. If you need particularly large holes in the tube it is wise to widen them gradually by using several bits. This may take more time but it allows the drilling to be smoother and reduces the risk of damaging the tubing.

Another thing you need to get right when you drill into a piece of tubing is the speed. Drilling at high speeds is a frequent mistake and causes all manner of problems including slipping, poorly positioned holes and overheating. As a rule of thumb you should always drill at the slowest possible speed. The harder the material you are working with the slower the speed should be. When drilling metal you should see long shavings; this is a sign the drill is cutting properly rather than chipping away.

Keeping the hole clear from shavings is important if you want to get a quality finish. A little oil can help with removing them and also helps to protect the drill bit, keeping it cool. This can provide big benefits and makes drilling easier.

At Multiform Tubes we have extensive experience with tube drilling. Our knowledge is vast as a result of the wide array of different materials we work with. Over the years we have had to determine the best method to drill holes in each one. We have also had a great deal of time to refine our techniques and ensure we deliver the highest quality services.

If you have any questions about drilling tubing or would like to arrange a professional service from us please get in touch.