Why should you choose Multiform?

Tube manipulation is used for a variety of different applications including the manufacturing of shop fittings and vehicles, the construction industry, and in heating systems, to name just a few. We provide a variety of manipulation services to get tubes at the right shape, size and angle for your specific project. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose our company to carry out your tube manipulation services.

  • We produce our work quickly, minimising downtime for your business – We have invested in the latest technology to carry out our work promptly while still retaining the highest quality work.
  • We are reliable – We test all of our equipment at regular intervals to ensure that it is safe to use and will not break down when you are relying on us for the tubes you need.
  • We are dedicated to health and safety – Our team adhere to stringent health and safety rules and regulations to ensure that our operations are kept completely safe for both clients and employees.
  • We listen to our clients – We take the time to fully understand what you need, which enables us to carry out the most accurate and appropriate work for you.
  • We are affordable – We understand our clients want excellent work without paying a fortune, and we aim to cater to their needs. We have low overheads as we are an independent company, so we are able to offer prices that suit our clients.

We specialise in all types of tube swaging, bending and manipulation and do not limit ourselves. If you need square round or elliptical tubes we can provide them in a multitude of materials including mild steel/MRW, cooper, titanium, aluminium and more. To find out more about why you should choose our company, please get in touch.