Creating curved tubing

Tube ring rolling is amongst the easiest ways to manipulate tubing to create curves. It is a more efficient method than doing the work by hand, reducing the physical demands and the risk of damaging the tubing. It also doesn’t involve heating the tube so there is little risk of creating flaws and weaknesses in the tubes. Smooth or tight curves can be produced depending on how machinery is set up and the dimensions of the tube.

The tube ring rolling process uses three rolls spaced in a V shape. The tube is fed into the first roll, has pressure applied by the second one and goes through the final one to create the curve. The material can be rolled through repeatedly when tighter curves are needed. You can also use the machinery to create full rings and hoops.

With ring rolling machinery it is essential that you get everything set up correctly. If the pressure of the centre roll is wrong it can warp the tube and ruin the smooth, rounded finish. You also need to ensure you account for the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe. With thicker walled tubing you’ll naturally need more pressure to produce the curve.

We are set up to offer a comprehensive ring rolling service. We can work with a wide range of metals, ranging from mild steel to more specialist and costly materials like titanium and food grade stainless steel. Whenever we roll tubing we monitor the quality and ensure precision at all times. Our products are well received and used across several industries for a number of applications. Every customer has the promise of manufacturing excellence and great customer service with us.

Our tube ring rolling services combine traditional manual skills with modern machinery. This ensures we can deliver unparalleled quality at all times because it brings the best of both worlds together. It also means we can produce products far more efficiently and consistent hit the highest standards.