A cold solution for tube manipulation

Throughout the years that we have been performing tube manipulation, we have steadily built up our company’s reputation. Today, we are regarded as one of the country’s top specialists in the field. This showcases the quality of the products we offer and the prestige we have earned.  

Tube ring rolling is one area where we have a wealth of knowledge. The process consists of bending tubes into circular designs, resulting in some rather versatile products for use in a plethora of areas. These include automotive springs, spiral staircases and heating components.

There are a number of ways you can go about tube ring rolling, including hot and cold manipulation. Each of these can be accomplished by hand and/or the use of machines. One of the best aspects of the process is that it gives constant curves in even the most durable of tubes, while at the same time ensuring that your tubing isn’t flattened.

Cold manipulation or rolling occurs with the metal below its re-crystallization temperature, which increases strength by 20% via strain hardening. In addition, it holds tighter tolerances and improves the surface finish.

Cold-rolled strips and sheets come in a variety of conditions, such as full-hard, quarter-hard, skin-rolled and half hard. Full-hard rolling reduces thickness by 50%, with the other conditions offering a lesser reduction. Skin rolling offers the least amount of reduction out of the lot, typically between 0.5-1%, and it is used to produce a smooth surface, a uniform thickness and reduce the yield point phenomenon.

There are a number of typical uses for cold-rolled steel tubing, including water heaters, shelving, tables and motorcycle exhaust pipes. In either case the quality of the tube is very important.

At Multiform Tubes our tube ring rolling services are second to none. We utilise both hot and cold manipulation methods when undertaking our work to ensure that the specifications of our clients are met. If you are interested in our services, we would love to hear from you.