A precise and thorough bending service

Having a use in a wide array of applications, tube manipulation services are an invaluable asset to many companies. Having worked with numerous materials such as copper, steel and brass, we are fully capable of taking on any task that we are set.

If you are wondering what tube manipulation is, it is the process by which pipes and tubes are formed. There are a number of procedures that are utilised when undertaking the process, such as form-bound and freeform-bending. Press and rotary draw bending are among the form-bound procedures and they are used to form the work piece into the shape of a die. Rotary Draw Bending (RDB) is considered a precise technology, as it bends using tooling or “die sets” that possess a constant centre line radius. Rotary draw benders can be programmed to store multiple bend tasks with numerous degrees of bending. A positioning index table is normally attached to the bender allowing operators to reproduce complicated bends.

If you are looking to have handrails, frames, motor vehicle roll cages or handles produced, rotary draw benders are among the most popular methods when it comes to tube creation. These benders produce aesthetically pleasing bends, performing to a fantastic standard when the right tooling is chosen to match the application. CNC rotary machines are rather complex and as such use sophisticated tooling to produce more severe bends that require high quality features. Excessive thinning and the collapse of the extrados can be a problem to some but through use of axial boosting, you can help to prevent this.

At Multiform Tubes our experience in tube manipulation is unrivalled in the industry and our commitment to our work enables us to consistently satisfy customer demands to a high standard. We have provided our services to a plethora of industries that include the automotive, transport and medical businesses.

If you need bespoke tubing we can create it for you. We offer products in a range of shapes, sizes and dimensions, satisfying every need. Throughout the manufacturing process we monitor quality and deliver the utmost precision.