The UK’s leading welded fabrication provider

We are known for our high quality work and reliable services, delivering the best of the best in tube manipulation, tube drilling and welded fabrication. Throughout the years of our operation we have gained a wealth of knowledge and plenty of experience. This allows us to be confident in what we do and offer complete satisfaction every time.

We have worked with clients from a number of different industries including medicine, heating, automotive, furniture and construction to name a few. When you work with us you can always rely on us to be versatile and reliable, producing the products you need within the required timeframe. We’re able to work with tubes of all sizes, shapes and materials.

The process of welding involves melting to two pieces with intense heat and sometimes pressure. This binds the materials together securely, ensuring optimum strength and stability in the finished fabricated product. The process can also involve a third molten metal that forms a “welding pool”. This hardens and adds extra strength to the bond. Welding can be quite dangerous so it is important to ensure that strict safety measures are upheld. Due to this, it is important to use a reliable and professional company for your welding.

We have specialist equipment that enables us to fulfil all of our customer’s requests, from tube manipulation to welding. You can always rely on us to provide high quality components to ensure that all of your specifications are met.

As well as welded fabrication, we are also able to offer a whole host of tube manipulation, tube drilling, reduction and expansion services. If you would like additional information regarding our welded fabrication services or anything else, please call or email us today. Our team are always happy to assist with any queries whether you need a one off job to be completed or are in need of a regular supply.