Copper tubing is the ideal choice for heating systems

We are a team of highly knowledgeable and skilful technicians. It is our job to adapt tubing for our customers’ needs. In order to succeed, we must use a series of techniques. One of these is tube ring rolling. This is what we use when we want to shape tubes into rings or spirals.

Copper tubes are a favourite for modern heating systems. No other material can match it here, especially in terms of heat transfer. There are several advantages to using the tubing too. Examples include ease of handling, bending, and joining. Long-term reliability and light weight are others.

What are the requirements?

Where appearance and rigidity are factors, it is a wise idea to use drawn tube. Annealed tubing is especially good for short runs to convectors, radiators, and the like. It is also fitting for snow melting and panel heating. With annealed tube, the requirements for fittings are minimal. This can save you a lot in terms of material and installation labour.

Forced circulation and heating systems

Both of these systems supply uniform heating. In addition, they offer a rapid response to alterations in heating load. They demand very little in terms of maintenance. You can zone them easily to provide differing temperature levels too.

tube ring rollingAs for the copper tubes used here, these systems only require you to use the smallest and most economical variants. You don’t need much space for installation either. Moreover, in tandem with the heating system, you can heat the water directly. This eliminates the requirement for a separate water tank.

At Multiform Tubes, we offer our tube ring rolling services to countless clients. It is possible to carry out this technique using multiple approaches. Which one we use shall depend on the current set of circumstances. As a result we are flexible and able to cater for various needs.

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