Why are seamless rolled rings more reliable?

Typically there are three different ways to make rings out of metal tubing. We want to have a look at them today to show why one option stands above the others. We’ll also have a look at some of the crucial applications. Then, if you need any help with tube ring rolling, you can rely on us.


Tube ring rollingAs you may have already guessed from the title of this article, the first option is seamless rolled rings. Here you start with a section of tubing that has no weld seams. They are made using a bar or billet of material. You pierce this to create the hollow and then do processing to achieve the necessary diameter. There are then two possible ways to create the rings; rolling or open die forging.

The second option is welded rolled rings. You create them beginning with a strip or coil of material. Then, you have rolling processes to adapt it into a tubular form. Welding bonds the two edges together to create the tube. Then there is processing to do finishing touches. The process to make the rings themselves is the same as seamless with the two methods.

Finally, we have casted/forged rolled rings. You begin with the casting process here, pouring molten metal into a mould and then cooling it to form a rough ring shape. Then there is forging to hammer, press, and roll it to get the final shape.

Why are seamless tubes better?

Our long years of offering tube ring rolling services mean we have plenty of experience with rings. As a result, we can explain why seamless is often better.

The crucial thing is seamless rings are the strongest and have the ability to resist incredibly high pressures. This is because there are circumferential grain structures with no weld seams.

Welded rolled rings can’t resist as much pressure because of the weld seams. People generally use them because they are most cost effective. However, if it is applications with high pressures where failure would be catastrophic, seamless is best.

Casted/forged rings have some impressive advantages in terms of the low cost and speed of manufacturing. However, there are some drawbacks with the potential for defects and chance of dimensional inconsistencies. Again if there is high pressure, seamless is better.


To finish, let’s look at specific applications where seamless rolled rings are the most reliable choice. They will show why tube ring rolling is such a useful service.

The aviation industry is a notable one when it comes to high pressure. There is a huge amount of stress on aircraft because of the physics of flight, particularly the air pressure and velocity. As a result, you need parts that will be able to resist it, ensuring they don’t deform and fail. Seamless rings are the clear winner here.

Another industry with some very tough operating conditions is oil and gas. Here you need to deal with high pressures, corrosive elements, and other challenges. There is also the risk of extensive harm to people and damage to the environment if there is a failure. With all of this in mind, seamless rings are best, especially for things like pipe connections.

Finally, is automotive. While the stress on vehicles isn’t as great as aircraft, there are still high loads and lots of pressure. As a result, seamless rings can be the ideal choice for structural elements and key parts such as crankshafts and clutches.

Do you need tube ring rolling?

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So, if you need some help with tube ring rolling or anything else, feel free to contact us. We have experience delivering parts for various industries.