End forming for the creation of custom tubes

We are the experts when it comes to tube manipulation and bending, and can ensure your tubes meet the specifications of your project precisely. Our tube manipulation expertise allow us to cater to practically any customers and their needs, regardless of what they want or need a tube for. Customers come to us because generic tubes will not suffice: they need tubes that are custom made to their exact specifications. That is why we provide services such as tube end forming. Whether expanding or reducing the end of the tube, or transforming it into a different shape or size, we can do it all.

Generic tubes often do not fulfil the roles that our customers require them for. Whether working in the automotive or medical industries, or using the tubes to create items used in heating or in construction, tubes need to be the right diameter, shape and size for their intended purpose. Tube ends, in particular, often need to be modified. This can be done by either expanding or reducing them, allowing for tubes to fit together easier and create a much tighter fit.

Tube ends can also be manipulated in a number of other ways. Beading can be used to create a bead on the end of the tube, while swaging can be used to form the end and the interior of the tube into an entirely different shape. The ends of a tube can modified in such a way that they taper shut, flare open or are formed into an entirely different shape. No matter what your requirements are, you can be assured that we can modify a tube exactly how you want it without fail, using only the best machinery that is currently available to us.

Whatever the specifications are, we will do all that we can to modify and manipulate tubes to match the requirements needed for their product. We can construct tubes out of a variety of materials including copper, brass, titanium and aluminium, amongst others. It doesn’t matter what kind of tube manipulation you need; we can deliver your order to you as swiftly as possible.