Creating rings from different shapes of tubing

One thing you will undoubtedly remember from our past articles is the fact that we can create tubes from a variety of metals, delivering different shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of requirements. We can adapt each of these in a number of ways to ensure they are fit for a selection of specific applications.

When it comes to tube ring rolling we can effectively roll both rounded and angled tubing. The end result with each shape will meet the highest standards, just like all of our other processes. We achieve this by once again putting our complete faith in our talented workforce and the top of the range equipment we have invested in.

Regardless of the radius or wall thickness of the tubing we can roll it into a half ring, a spiral, a complete ring, or a custom one. We will keep a close eye on the shape throughout, ensuring it does not become warped or weakened. Customers can expect fantastic products from us that will meet their specifications.

The trick with tube ring rolling is to be patient and roll with care. That way the curve can be added gently without risking stretching the material too much. In addition it is generally wise to start with tubes that have a slightly thicker wall than what is required. This allows the stretching and shrinkage that will occur.

Our team can work with tubing that meets a very wide range of specifications, from different materials to inner and outer diameters and shapes. This has given us a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Clients who are unsure of any aspect of their design can rely on us to offer advice and support. With our help the final products we deliver will be perfect for the application in mind.

When you want professional tube ring rolling services from a well established provider Multiform is the name for you. Please get in touch to find out more about what we have to offer.