Let the bit do the work with tube drilling

The crucial thing when working with thin walled metal tubing, regardless of the material it is made of, is to ensure you don’t use too much downward pressure. If you do it could cause the tube to buckle, resulting in a dent and poor quality finish. It is better to let the bit do the work when you come to tube drilling, allowing it to eat slowly through the material rather than trying to force it.

When you drill at slow speeds you will increase the amount of heat that is generated. You need to account for this and ensure you use enough lubricant. This will help to cool the bit, reduce the speed at which it dulls, and also cleans out all of those little metal chips that could ruin the finish.

Before starting you need to ensure the drill bit can get seated properly. Whether you are dealing with flat sided square tubing or shapes with rounded edges, if the drill slips it will ruin the surface. Before drilling, you should make a dimple where you want the hole to be placed using a centre punch. That way the surface isn’t flat and the bit can start digging in right away.

Again when you use a centre punch to create a dimple you need to take care not to use too much pressure. This can also warp the tubing and ruin the shape. Work with care and the minimal amount of force, even if you are working with more durable materials like stainless steel.

At Multiform Tubes we have a great deal of experience with tube drilling. It is a service we have provided for a number of years, ensuring we deliver accurate, high quality results to suit any kind of requirements. Whatever the specifications given to us we will meet them.

Our highly talented team are armed with the very best equipment. That means we can choose the right technique and drill bit to suit any type of tubing, accounting for the shape and material it is made from. We understand the properties of these different metals and adjust to account for specific levels of hardness and workability.

If you have any questions about tube drilling or want to arrange a professional service, please contact us.