Curved tubing has several vehicular uses

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If there is one thing that has had a big increase in demand in recent years, it is curved tubing. These particular tubes serve countless purposes in a large number of markets. Due to the capabilities and technology professionals like us possess, it is easy to offer innovative solutions for most needs. As a result, the demands continue to rise. This is especially prevalent in the vehicular industry.

Why would I use curved tubing?

There are all sorts of reasons why someone would want to use this type of tube. One of the most well-known would be to remove any unnecessary welding. If you can mechanically adapt a section to have a curve, you can avoid the need to cut and weld. That can save time, reduce costs, and provide better results.

Chassis creation

Curved tubing often gets used to create components for vehicular parts. Rectangular tubes are popular base components of a structural chassis. This is due to the strength and size.

You may want to fit the chassis around separate components like the wheel axles or the engine block. One possibility here would be to miter weld and cut the tubes on an angle to allow it. Another option would be to bend your tubing against the weak or strong axis. The removal of weld points is able to provide further structural stability. There will also be an enhancement to the aesthetic appearance.

Protective roll cages

Another use is the construction of protective roll cages. The curved tube enables the cage to stay structurally sound because once again there are no weld joints. At the same time, it aids in dispersing the forces that occur when there is a crash. What this does is let the roll cage defend the driver and passengers from more serious harm. The addition of rolled and curved tubes to structural cages has aided us in enhancing driver safety in racing sports for a long time. Let us know if you require tube ring rolling to create these products.


One other area where curved tubing is safeguarding drivers is in the off-roading community. Multiple drivers that love driving in extreme off-road conditions are introducing structures called stingers. These go on the rear or front bumpers and defend the vehicle when they are trying to move through steep hills. The stinger functions as an extension of the bumper. It stops the motor from tipping too far backwards or forwards and becoming unbalanced.

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