Where can I find the weld seam?

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is no stranger to tube bending services. We have been offering them in a multitude of forms for a long time now. This allows us to help every client that comes to us. We work with you to find out what your needs are. Then, we decide what method would work best and use it to provide stellar tubing products.

One topic we want to focus on in this post is the weld seam of tubes. Apart from seamless pipes and tube, the other types have a longitudinal seam. When you partake in tube bending for OEM components, people start to question where the seam weld is located. We will provide some details of where to look here.

A choice of locations

Possibilities include placing the weld seam on the interior radius of your bend and on the outside of the bend’s radius. Another possibility is it could be on the bend’s centreline.

Square and rectangular tubing

Tube bending servicesThere is also another detail that complicates matters. This is the fact that the weld seam’s location is not necessarily centred on a square tube’s side. The same goes for a rectangular tube. It is normally found some distance from the corners due to structural concerns.

The weld seam on a rectangular tube might end up on either the long or short side. Under certain conditions, a mill will do an order with certain restrictions relating to the seam’s location. In regards to tubes telescoping one with the other, it could actually be preferable to have your weld be closer to a corner.

Round tubing

In most instances, the weld seam on round tubing shall be on the centreline radius that is the bend’s neutral axis. This is unless you have some reason to do something different. Depending on the parts and their design, there could be bottom and top locations for your seam. In some instances, aesthetics is of the utmost importance. Here, the weld seam tends to be hidden on the back side.

We aim for the highest standards with our tube bending services

The services we offer are ideal for making products like shop fittings, chair frames, and barriers. We can create all sorts of items with a tubular form. Due to this fact, we are able to provide solutions for a large collection of projects. We can further add to it by working with a wide array of materials, includes brass, titanium, and aluminium. The result of all this is that we are a highly versatile specialist.

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we also use the most reliable machinery when providing our tube bending services. This allows us to produce superior results for our clients. We want to reach the highest standards every time. With all our skills, knowledge, and equipment, we can do just that.

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