Dealing with thermal tube expansion and the factors involved

Tube expansionMost materials naturally expand when they are hot and contract with the cold. Pipes and tubes are no different. Purposely expanding pipes can be beneficial and make them better for many uses. For example, this can help them fit better with other products. Multiform Tubes Ltd are experts in tube expansion as well as many other manipulation services. This makes us the team you can depend on for your needs. However, our process does not use heat.

When it comes to thermal expansion and the stress that it places on the tube, it is crucial to take care to avoid issues developing. This is because as a tube expands, the force can be big enough to cause buckling, fracturing, and other damage.

What factors affect tube expansion?

If the temperature changes, this can result in an object changing shape, volume, or area. It is typically that a tube will expand when you heat it and will contract when you cool it. The cause of the change is the expanding molecular structure which comes from the increased kinetic energy when the temperature is higher. This makes the molecules move around and can cause changes with the tube.

The thermal expansion of tubes and the rate in which it occurs depends on a few different factors. These include:

  • The material – Not all materials will expand at the same rate. It is necessary to understand these rates for each tube to understand what results will come from expanding it.
  • The maximum and minimum temperature – The difference between the hottest and coldest temperature you expose the tube to can affect what happens to it.
  • The tube length – The longer it is, the more it will expand when exposed to heat.

Our specialist services

Expansion is one of the many forms of work that we complete here at Multiform Tubes Ltd. We can open up the end of the tube to provide a snug fit with other products.

Whatever tubes you are dealing with, we can assist you. We are more than happy to work with numerous kinds of materials, from steel to copper. In addition, we have experience with products that have various specifications like the shape, length, and diameter.

Our expert team members use modern machinery and their extensive knowledge to deliver great services. You won’t have to worry about whether the tube will fit properly; we will work with you to ensure you get precisely what you need from us.

Get in touch with the needs of you job and our team will do our best to provide you with the most brilliant results you could hope for. Whether you are looking for help with tube expansion, drilling, or another of our services, you can always expect leading standards. Reach us by ringing on 01384 898510 or fill out our convenient contact form.