What tube end finish do you want?

A tube can be a very dynamic component, especially when you consider how many options there are for adapting and finishing it. You have the most choice in terms of the end forming. While a standard end may be fine, it is a good idea to remember there are lots of other choices. For example you may want to flare or expand it. Or, you may decide tube swaging or reduction is better for your needs. Whatever you choose, it is important you get a professional service.

End profile

The tube end profile can have a big impact on your project. This is especially true if you need it to fit into another component or a fitting during assembly. The last thing you want to find here is that you cannot assemble the parts because the profile is incorrect, either in shape or size. Therefore, precision is vital.

Tube swagingIt is even possible to combine several different processes to adapt the shape of the end profile. With the right service you could have a round piece of tube with an end that is square, oval, or some other shape. In the same vein you could begin with a square piece of tube and adapt the end so it is another shape.

The crucial thing to think about is the dimensions you need. For example, you must consider the wall thickness and the impact this will have on the strength of the tube. You don’t want to choose an end profile that will end up being too weak.

With most processes there will be a maximum wall thickness you can begin with. Any thicker and it may not be possible to adapt it. For example, with expansion it can be tricky to work with tubes if the walls are thicker than 5 or 6mm.

In addition to the walls, there will likely be a maximum diameter. This will generally be down to the equipment. For example, if it is swaging, the tube will only be able to open as wide as the widest point of the die.

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