Reasons why you should use aluminium tubes for compressed air systems

Sometimes, you can’t use standard tubes for your projects. Instead they may need some extra work to adapt them. To get tubing into the shapes our customers desire, we use several specialist techniques. One of these is tube swaging. It is a rotary process that is great for reducing, increasing or reshaping the inner diameter of a tube. As a result it has many uses.

Traditionally, many different types of tube were used for compressed air systems. This includes stainless and galvanised steel, as well as copper. In recent history, aluminium has become a favourite option. There are key reasons why it is the superior choice.

Cheaper to install

One reason is that it lowers installation costs. Engineers need more time to install these systems when they use steel tubes. However, it does not take as long with aluminium.

A factor behind this is that you must thread steel tubing. By doing this, you can join tubes and introduce the appropriate fittings. To thread tubes correctly, you’ll need workers with the right experience and unique threading gear. Neither comes cheap.

Corrosion protection

tube swagingAluminium tubing’s anti corrosion properties play a vital role in its selection as well. There’s a common issue with steel tubing. When moisture from the system comes into contact with it, it shall begin rusting from the inside out. It won’t matter if you use a moisture trap or not. Moisture will still be a threat and corrosion shall happen. Even if you use galvanised steel tubing, it can end up corroding in time. This is because not every tube has galvanisation on the inside.

At Multiform Tubes, we can use our tube swaging technique on several types of tubing, including aluminium. One of the main advantages to using it is that integral strengths remain unchanged. Since swaging uses an impact process, there is no material loss either.

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