Expanding tubes to suit your specifications

Tube expansion is essentially the process of opening up a tube end and increasing its potential for use. The expansion method allows tubes to tightly fit onto others and prevent any leakages when the tubes are fitted together. We utilise two separate methods to achieve successful tube expansion, and each one is designed to produce a smooth finish and accurate results. Ram forming expansion involves the use of a die which serves as a mould. We use pressure to force the die into the end of a tube and then retract it under equal pressure. The result of the action is an expanded tube end. This method does present its limitations however, as the die is a specific size and diameter which means it can only produce certain diameters.

The other method we use involves a hydraulic operated expanding die. Due to the fact that it contains segments, the die offers increased opportunity to create different diameters. The segments themselves can be expanded to various lengths, which inevitably results in greater flexibility regarding size. The major advantage offered by the die is that it can be opened up as little as needed, thus producing very accurate specific measurements. Tube expansion can produce extremely tight fitting joints, which is vital in many industries.

Our many specialised tube bending and manipulation services all offer the same excellent results. We have grown into one of the leading manufacturers of tubular products in the country and we have put together a structured and comprehensive service that has earned us our stellar reputation. Our experience working with an array of different sectors has enabled us to develop our techniques, hone our skills and meet every possible need. Regardless of request we will satisfy every order and meet every schedule. We will deliver your products on time and always work within the agreed budget.

Our state of the art equipment allows us to carry out tube expansion on a host of materials, sizes and shapes without weakening the tube. Our first class tubular services are suitable for domestic applications as well as commercial and we are happy to assist every client that needs high quality tubular products.