Ensure safety with guardrails

People use tube manipulation because they require utensils with certain features. For them, normal sections are not suitable for the jobs they are doing. As a result, they come to us. They ask our team to alter the tubing to suit their needs. This is an area we have years of experience in. Therefore, we are fully capable of producing first rate results for all our clients.

When you are working at height, one essential factor you have to consider is occupational safety. You need to pick suitable systems for your company and operatives. This is true for construction workers, contractors, and company owners. These systems must be able to ensure the well-being and health of employees. But, introducing safety processes is not that straightforward. You need to choose the right products, ensuring they don’t cause hazards.

What do you need?

Tube manipulationWith guardrails, it is essential for you to understand what you need from them. You must know what the pros and cons of each system are. This way, you can invest in a product that everyone can have confidence in. It is also worth noting that if you require tube manipulation for your guardrails, we can help.

The rails are one of the top pieces of safety gear for heights. They offer a comprehensive and immediate degree of safety to workers. Primarily, they are made for the security of residential and commercial employees. This is when they are working at height. The market has several kinds of guardrail systems on offer today. Some of the most common ones include top-fix, parapet, freestanding, radius, and standard models.

The various types of guardrails

The standard guardrails are simple to install. They also offer users full protection from the dangers found on rooftops.

With radius models, the designs come in convex or concave forms. Usually, people use them on commercial rooftops. Furthermore, people like to use them on the steep sides of roads where you need extra protection.

As for free standing guardrails, you use an integrated counterbalance system with them. This is for the safety of employees. They are appropriate for flat rooftops, especially for edge protection.

You would use parapet guardrails where it is necessary to strengthen the tension of a parapet wall. To obtain the best result, you are better off using a flexible system.

Lastly, we have top-fix guardrails. You would implement them when parapet walls are too low. They are light weight set ups. You usually design them for the attachment on top of your parapets.

Our tube manipulation is a reliable and professional service

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we give clients a professional and reliable tube service. We make sure there are solutions that can satisfy everyone’s needs. Moreover, since we use advanced equipment, we can manipulate tubes accurately and efficiently.

So, if you would like us to do some work for you, contact our team today. We can provide tube manipulation for various types of tubing, including different metals, shapes, and thicknesses. Just let us know what you need.