Is tube eccentricity an issue?

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What is an eccentric tube?

Tube bending servicesOne of the advantages of working with us is we have a huge amount of experience. This includes knowledge of different types of metal tubing, all kinds of shapes, and more. It also means we know what kind of issues to look for.

Eccentricity can be a big problem with tube, especially if you are planning to bend it. An eccentric tube is one where the centres of the inner and outer diameters are not the same. As a result, they are not concentric. This means the wall thickness is not consistent all the way around. Instead it will be thicker at some points than other ones.

To check the eccentricity of a tube you need to determine the wall thickness at all points on a cross section. In some cases simply looking at it will tell you that the tube is widely eccentric. In others it might look close but be marginally out. Measurements at several points will tell you whether the wall thickness is consistent all the way around and how far out it may be.

What issues can it cause?

Our goal with tube bending services is to offer the most consistent results. The issue with working with tubing that has a high eccentricity is that it may be trickier to bend because of the thicker part of the wall. It can increase the risk of problems like buckling or excessive wall thinning on the other side.

Before bending it is important to establish how eccentric the tube is. If there is an eccentricity we may need to adapt our service to make sure we minimise the risk of issues. It may even be necessary to change to a different type of bending or get different tubes.

Ask us about tube bending services

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can deliver bespoke bent tubing to suit most needs. For example, we can offer tight bends, coilwork, and more. Some clients even come to us for products with several different bend radii. While this can be trickier, we have the skills and equipment to handle it in many cases.

Whether you are using a grade of steel tubing, a softer metal like copper, or a material like titanium that can struggle with work hardening, we can offer a service for you. So, get in touch when you need professional tube bending services. You won’t find a better specialist than us.