Ensuring leak proof joints on water pipe cooling systems

One of the biggest risks with water pipe cooling systems is leaks. Even a tiny leak can cause huge issues. For example it will waste resources so you need to use more water. In addition it can result in big safety concerns, especially if hot water is leaking or the fluid can damage the facility and systems. The leak can also affect the performance of the cooling system as a whole.

Where are leaks most common?

Water pipe coolingThere are several spots on cooling systems where leaks are most likely. The most common are near fixtures and fittings, including valves. These locations are those where there is a break in the tube so it can connect to the fixture or fitting. If there is an issue with the installation, the size of any part, or the seal, a leak can happen.

Another place where you can often see leaks is where there are welds and joints between tubes. While it is possible to manufacture tubing in very long lengths, there will always be some joints and breaks in it. Attaching sections together requires the right weld or joint. If there is an issue with them, a leak can happen. When the system is more complex and has more joints and breaks, the risk is greater.

How can we help?

Multiform Tubes Ltd has a lot of experience with tube manipulation. We have the skills to provide a huge array of services, including end forming options like swaging, expansion, and reduction. A combination of these can help people to join tubing very effectively. We can offer such accurate results that it is easier to create leak proof joints. We can do this even if you also need to bend sections of tube.

The great thing about working with us is we can handle various types of tubing. This includes different materials, shapes, and dimensions. We can do this because of our impressive knowledge pool and the array of machinery and tooling we have at our disposal.

Talk to us about water pipe cooling

There are many reasons to choose water cooling over other options, including air and different types of liquid coolant. We appreciate why so many people opt for it. Our goal is to help them create systems they can rely on. The core of this is great tubing.

So, if you want to talk to us about water pipe cooling, please get in touch.