The path to superior tubing products

Everyone has their speciality. Ours is tube manipulation. Using our knowledge of the industry and tubing, we are able to supply first class products. The services we provide are both professional and reliable. Because of this, many industries can take advantage of them.

A tubular part’s design is far more crucial than the actual bending process. The operator and their equipment simply adhere to the instructions in the designs they receive from the engineer. An engineer’s responsibility is to make their design affordable and efficient. Not to mention, they see to it that the part can meet the tolerances.

It is a tougher job than you realise

Tube manipulationEngineering parts for manufacturing purposes is not as easy as you might think. It is a requirement for the designer to know what impact tube manipulation and fabrication will have on the part’s chemical and physical makeup.

Parts with poor designs shall be defective and weak from the start. Moreover, designing demands insight into how to keep your components simple. They might fit the requirements. Yet, complex parts produce costs and limitations that are not necessary for the manufacturer and client. For the least amount of stress, you should use the following bending tips.

Think about materials

Firstly, you need to pick your material wisely. It has to possess enough ductility so it does not fracture when it bends. Additionally, it must have sufficient strength for you to use once you finish bending. If you don’t know which material to use, you can ask our team for advice.


Next, you should select a standard tube size. You will find that there are actually multiple benefits to choosing this instead of non-standard. For one thing, the materials are readily available, and come with a lower price tag. Furthermore, there are shorter lead times and quicker responses.

Don’t have too many bends

Having too many bends can be a detriment too. The more there are with your product, the more production times and costs go up. It also demands more tooling and equipment. This is particularly true if there are numerous bend radii or angles. In order to enhance efficiency, it is best to get rid of unnecessary bends completely. You can ask us for help if you are struggling to optimise your design.

Come to us for the best results with tube manipulation

At Multiform Tubes Ltd, we use our services to aid various people. This includes those from the industrial and domestic sectors. Thanks to our modern equipment, we can perform our work accurately and efficiently. We are capable of working with various materials too, like copper, steel, and aluminium.

So, if you would like our help with tube manipulation, feel free to call. We can discuss different services, from bending to end forming and much more.