The many positive elements of chilled water piping

Water pipe coolingAs tubing specialists, we know a great deal about the industry that we are a part of. We work to deliver stellar products with our diverse manipulation services. This includes water pipe cooling utensils among other things. Many clients recognise our worth and choose to do business with us any time they need help.

A chilled water piping system is an air conditioning set up that is not unlike heated flooring. However, instead of increasing the temperature, the system lowers it. It is a straightforward procedure. The system cools the water to around 40º. Afterwards, it feeds through a series of pipes. These stretch along a building’s interior walls. The aim is to cool your structure in a far more effective way than a regular HVAC product. This approach to cooling is one with multiple benefits.

An energy efficient option

You can adequately cool a structure using a HVAC system. However, it uses a substantial amount of energy. It can actually end up being wasteful. A far more efficient approach would be to use a chilled water piping system. It is possible to use them on commercial and residential structures. Something you will notice is a massive reduction in your annual energy bills. It will be this way no matter how huge or small your building is. If you require bespoke tubes for water pipe cooling, please contact us.


Another benefit is that pure water cooling is an option that produces less wear. Many people recommend it as a substitute to other types of coolant. The reason why is that it is far more environmentally friendly and better for the health of the system. Unlike other coolants and chemicals, water is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It won’t lead to your pipe deteriorating as time passes. Water is far better than say glycerine, methanol, ethylene, and sodium chloride.


This is also a benefit of these water systems. What you may not know is that cooling gear lasts for longer when you chill it using water. The system is much stronger than standard air-driven cooling systems. This means you will end up spending less money on maintenance and repairs. The piping is best installed throughout the walls within your structure to keep it from deteriorating more quickly.


Finally, these systems help to reduce noise. A noisy air conditioner is one of the most annoying things you can experience. Water cooling systems aren’t all that noisy. There are less moving components in them. Not to mention, they lack noise-generating mechanisms within the walls like fans.

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