ERW tubing and its qualities

ERW is the acronym for Electric Resistance Welding. This welding process is used to create a form of steel that has a number of favourable benefits, including strength and corrosion resistance, that makes it perfect for use in practically any application required of it. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, our team can provide you with a limitless number and style of ERW tubes. We also offer comprehensive tube manipulation that will get your tubes in the right shape for your specific project. Whatever your requirements are for these tubes, you can be assured that we can fulfil them.

ERW tubes find uses in a variety of applications and are utilised by a number of sectors, from construction the automotive industry. The reason that they find so much use is that steel subject to electric resistance welding comes out much stronger than other types of steel. Forged from a single steel plate, the plate is welded into a tube via an electrical charge. This welding process strengthens the tube and helps amplify a number of qualities that make it a much sought after type of tubing across multiple industries.

ERW tubes are generally constructed using high quality, fine steel and the process that is undertaken to weld the plate together gives the finished tube excellent corrosion resistance, as well as a high level of strength. When combined with our wide range of tube manipulation services, this results in us being able to create tubes for our customers’ specific requirements.

ERW tubing’s strength and durability makes it perfect for use in applications such as shop fittings and in automotive parts where it comes under a lot of stress. An ERW tube works very well in volatile environments and won’t fail or succumb to damage at inopportune times. We don’t just supply ERW tubes but can manipulate them in a number of ways as well. We can perform further welding to create longer tube structures, we can drill them to allow for fittings, we can expand or reduce their ends or we can even utilise swaging to change their interior structures. Whatever you require from your ERW tube, regardless of your industry, our tube manipulation team will gladly provide it.