Tube drilling services with perfect results

Tube manipulation is something that cannot be done accurately by those who aren’t experienced or equipped; it requires skilled craftsmanship and a lot of experience. We are the UK’s first choice for tube bending and manipulation. We are happy to say that many of our clients return to us for time and time again as they know we’re able to cater to their requests and provide the highest standards of service. As a company who strive for excellence, we have an obligation to our large and loyal client base to ensure that we supply high quality products whenever they are needed.

From tube drilling, bending and ring rolling to swaging, expansion and reduction, there’s no manipulation service that we are unable to complete. Tube drilling is one of the most popular services we offer and is executed efficiently to ensure a smooth finish every time. During the drilling process, the tubes are supported by a clamp to make sure that they will withstand the pressure of drilling. However, if the clamp is set too tightly, this may result in wasted material and warped tubes, meaning that the tube is no longer perfectly shaped for its intended purpose.

Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about when you are working with us. All of our work is supported by the latest and best equipment and many years of experience, meaning that we know how to drill tubes without affecting the shape or quality of the tube itself. We will deliver the tubes to you in the best condition and ready to use, and can even carry out welded fabrication if required, meaning you receive beautifully finished products which have been expertly welded together.

All of our tubes can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, including elliptical, round and square, and we are able to drill them all successfully and cleanly. If you are looking for high quality tubes paired with a first class service, we are the name to rely on.