Evolving tube bending in line with automotive demands

Over the last 100+ years, cars have evolved countless times. They do this in line with technological development and buyer demand. Today vehicles are more complex than they ever have been before. Luckily, there are plenty of different techniques to produce an array of parts for the automotive industry. That includes tube expansion, bending, and more.

The boom

Tube expansionThis industry is a classic case of supply and demand leading development. A century ago there were around 300,000 vehicles on the roads in the UK. However, by the 1930s the total had risen to over a million. By 1967 it was over 10 million. Last year set a new record with over 40.7 million.

Initially cars weren’t very accessible to people. There were two main reasons for this; a high price and a lack of supply. Improvements in technology led to the ability to mass produce them, increasing the supply and accessibility. As processes became more efficient and cost effective, the price of vehicles also came down. This meant even more people could afford to own them.

Tube expansion and bending

Some of the most interesting developments in the last few decades in the automotive industry involve metal tubing. It is vital for creating a huge array of components, such as exhaust systems, steering, and seat constructions.

However, as vehicles become more complex and have higher demands, there is even more pressure to produce high quality tube. Today manufacturers need to be able to provide it in a larger range of diameters with precise bends. Often there needs to be short intermediate lengths with very tight bend radii. The key to providing it is expert tube expansion and bending services.

Another thing to keep in mind here is the services need a very high degree of repeatability. It is crucial for mass production. Vehicle manufacturers will typically order batches of components. Each one needs to be exactly the same. Production needs to ensure a short cycle time while also ensuring the accuracy.

Luckily, modern equipment can deliver exceptional products no matter how complex the design is. Most machines make it easy to switch out tooling for different specifications. This can be tight tolerances, thicker walls, and more. Experts can also load and unload tools quickly to keep lead times down. Newer systems can even have automation so there is a smaller labour demand.

Do you need high quality services?

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has the skills and equipment to adapt tubes for automotive applications and more. We have a huge amount of experience and ensure we get every service right. This could be tube expansion, bending, or a combination of techniques to deliver precise, complete parts.

Whatever you need, feel free to contact us for help. We can even assist with prototyping if you are thinking of new developments.