Titanium tubes – Types and applications

Titanium tubing has superior mechanical properties, high strength, and is also lightweight. The tubes see extensive use in heat exchange equipment. Examples include evaporators, condensers, and more. Various nuclear power industries regard these as standard tools for their units. In addition, there are applications for aerospace, transport, and more. In this post, we’re going to discuss some types of titanium tubes and their applications. Then, if you need tube reduction or other alteration services you can rely on us.

Welded titanium tube

Tube reductionUp first is welded titanium tube for low-pressure fluid transportation. They have uses for moving heating steam, oil, air, gas, and water. Usually, these are lower pressure resources so the tubes can offer excellent performance.

A slightly different option here is galvanised welded titanium tube for low-pressure fluid transportation. These are hot-dipped to give them extra protection against corrosion. As a result, they are great for moving warm water, oil, gas, air, and other substances.

Common carbon titanium wire sleeve

What we have here are titanium tubes that usually have uses in civil and industrial structures. They also work for equipment and installations as well as electrical equipment applications for maintaining wires.

Longitudinal electric (resistance) weld tubes

Here we have titanium tubing possessing a weld line parallel to the tube. Normally, it has uses as transformer cooling oil tubing, welding thin wall tubes, metric welding titanium tube, and others. Tube reduction can help facilitate these applications as well as many more.

Submerged arc welded titanium tubes

These are comprised of hot-rolled titanium strip coil as tube blank. They are often formed via a warm spiral that is welded by the double submerged arc welding approach.

You can use this tube for pressure fluid transportation. It has considerable pressure bearing capacity. In addition, it comes with decent welding performance, and is safe and reliable. Plus it can have high transport efficiency and a large diameter.

Spiral seam high-frequency welded titanium tubes

This kind of tube uses hot rolled titanium strip coil as a tube blank. You form it spirally at room temperature. Then you weld using high frequency lap welding. These tubes come in handy for pressure fluid transportation.

Another fact about them is that they have good plasticity and a strong pressure bearing capacity. This comes in handy for processing, including tube reduction, and welding. Moreover, the tube has high transport efficiency and a big diameter.

Submerged arc welding tubes

You begin here with hot rolled titanium coil as a tube blank. Again you do forming spirally at room temperature. Furthermore, you use single-side or double-side active arc welding. You’d use the tubes for steam, air, water, and gas.

High frequency welded titanium tube

Here we have a tube with a spiral seam for general low pressure fluid transportation. You make it with hot rolled titanium coil being the tube blank. You spirally form it at tube temperature and then weld it using high frequency lap welding.

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