Using tube swaging to create tracker rows for solar panels

All around the world people are looking at using more green technology to generate electricity. Solar is one of the most interesting options. It has become more accessible in the last few decades. As a result, you can choose systems for your own home or any other building. There is also the option for massive farms of solar panels. Whatever the choice, tube swaging can play an important role. We want to look at it today, particularly with tracker rows.

What are they?

Tube swagingA lot of solar panels have fixed installations with a set tilt. However, research has shown that systems that can move to track the path of the sun can generate more energy. This can be from 15% to 45% higher. So, it is a good idea to look at tracker systems.

There are two options here. Firstly is single axis trackers. They follow the path of the sun, east to west, moving on a single point. You can have a system that will move individual panels or entire rows or sections.

The second option is dual axis trackers. They can move on two axes, giving more control over the positioning. As a result, you can have it so the panels always point directly at the sun. It can provide the best energy generation, up to 45% more than fixed tilt panels.

Creating tracker rows

Tracking systems tend to rely on the creation of tracker rows. They are engineering solutions that let the panels tilt effectively. Tube swaging can be vital for this. What it does is allow the manufacturer to open the end of each piece of tubing. In turn it means sections can slot together seamlessly without any need for fittings or welding.

Precision is important here to make assembly and maintenance easier. That is why services like ours can be a great investment. We ensure we swage the tube ends accurately. As a result, they will be open as much as necessary to suit the specs.

Strong metal tubes are the perfect basis for the tracker rows and systems. They can be stable to withstand the elements, including wind and rain. There are even complex systems that plan for wind events to compensate for high loads, allowing tracking but minimising the risk of issues like panels potentially flipping.

The tubing is also excellent in terms of maintenance. As you increase the number of moving parts in a system, you invite more potential problems. So, you need to address this with more time on maintaining everything. Luckily, high quality tube can be relatively low maintenance. It can save time that you can use to maintain crucial things like motors and monitoring components.

Talk to us about tube swaging

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we can adapt tubing for all kinds of needs. If you need to open the end of a tube so it can slot onto another section, we can do it for you with great accuracy. Most importantly here, our techniques are entirely mechanical. As a result, there won’t be any loss of strength or performance.

If you need complex products like tracker rows for solar panels, we would love to help you create them. Simply let us know what you need in terms of tube swaging, bending, and other options, and we can help. Our goal is to deliver products ready to slot together for easy assembly. It can save you time with the setting up and installation.