Tube swaging can benefit your project

Tube swaging is often used to reduce the diameter of a tube, add a point to work piece that is round, or produce a taper. Rotary swaging is one of the most popular methods and can produce an assortment of different shaped formed ends including hexagonal, octagonal and squares. We are able to swage one side of the tube, both sides and the interior which can increase or decrease its diameter, providing you with a lot of options. When combined with our tube expansion, reduction and manipulation services, you can be certain of getting the exact tubes you require for your project.

In most cases, swaging is a cold working process but is sometimes done under hot conditions too. It works by inserting a die into the end of the tube and applying rapid hammering, either by hand or rotary machine. When the pressure is applied, the die opens and closes very quickly creating a shape. This force moulds the tubes around the die and provides you with a formed end. When we are performing this service, you will always receive a smooth finish with no material loss as swaging is quite efficient.

Swaging your tubes eliminates the need for extra fittings to be added to the system, increases the inside diameter of the tube itself and minimises the chances of leaking when tubes are joined together. The process allows the tubes to be used in a variety of applications making them perfect for all sectors. We work with a huge range of clients including those in the automotive and construction industries, to name just a few, which shows how versatile these tube components can be.

We consider ourselves to be one of the industry leaders and are constantly striving for excellence in tube expansion, reduction, swaging and manipulation of all kinds. We can also offer welded fabrication, providing you with professionally finished products at an affordable price. We combine value for money with premium quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction.