The experts in tube drilling and bending

Tube drilling and bending are precision skills that many industries require for their projects. We are proud of the peerless reputation we have for never just meeting the requirements our clients have, but exceeding them with the speed, quality and precision of our work. From our purpose built facility in the West Midlands we are able to deliver our sought after services across the UK, with many of our discerning clients from across the nation coming to us again and again for the tube manipulation work they require.

We know that each and every requirement for tube drilling or bending work is a unique task, with no two jobs ever being identical. To meet the needs of our different clients, we harness our considerable knowledge and experience and take the time to understand, evaluate and implement the correct approach required to meet your needs. The critical success factors for achieving precision results in tube bending are understanding the properties of the metal, what purpose the manipulated tube needs to serve, what size and diameter is needed, and what sort of tolerance give level is applicable to the intended use. All of these factors are considered and calculated before we start work.

The uses for tube bending services generally fall into two categories – practical and decorative. In all cases we assume that both the interior and exterior of the tube has to function to optimal levels. Our treatment of the tubes, and the techniques we use to carry out our bending work, ensure that minimal change to the diameter of the pipe occurs. This not only ensures a free flow through the tubes, but also assures that the external appearance is all that you want and need it to be.

Our tube bending services are complemented and accentuated by our complete range of tube manipulation services. No matter what work you need to be undertaken – be it tube drilling, tube reduction or expansion, swaging or ring rolling – we provide you with the most comprehensive service possible. We are also adept at working with all forms of metal, with our team comfortable dealing with the complexities and challenges posed by applying tube manipulation to copper and titanium.