The tube swaging process

Alongside our pipe bending and manipulation services, we also specialise in tube swaging. Tube swaging, also known as pipe swaging, is a technique which is used to alter the appearance and shape of a tube. While this is often done for aesthetic reasons, it is also often carried out for practical reasons.

In construction and manufacturing, swaging is commonly used to create grooves or ridges in the tube, enabling it to be connected to something else to meet certain requirements. One of the places that you’ll find swaging is on an outdoor tap – the ridge at the outlet is designed to enable easy connection with a hosepipe.

The term tube swaging also refers to reducing the end of a tube to slot, interconnect or fit with another tube, regardless of whether or not there is a groove for attachment. This can involve rounding of the end to bring it to a close, often called a bullet end or bullet tip, or just reducing the diameter or thickness of the tube. A specific pattern or design can also be placed onto a tube as part of tube swaging for aesthetic purposes.

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