Our means of manipulating tubes

Metal tubes make up the skeleton of many structures, from bicycles and motorcycles to water systems and scaffolding. Tubes are incredibly important in the grand scheme of things and their manipulation is a requirement to ensure that they can be used. We specialise in a wide variety of tube manipulation techniques that allow industries to get the exact tube that they need, from tube ring rolling to swaging to manipulation.

Metal tubes aren’t just confined to the automotive or construction industries but see widespread use across a plethora of industries, from retail to the medical industry. As such, manipulation is needed to ensure that generic steel tubes can be used for specific purposes. We utilise a number of processes to manipulate the tube exactly how the client wants. Tube reduction, for example, is a means of reducing the end of the tube, resulting in a tube which starts large but ends narrow. This makes it perfect for manufacturing internal and external flush joints, making it useful in a construction capacity. In comparison, tube expansion enlarges the end of a tube, allowing it to fit around smaller tubes. This makes it particularly useful for pairing with other tubes and combining them to create a stronger structure. A common means of manipulation is tube bending, which curves and bends the tube without compromising its structural integrity.

Tube drilling is another service provided which allows tubes of any material to be drilled into. This is particularly useful if the tube is needed in an automotive capacity as it allows the tube to be securely fixed to other items without compromising the overall structure of the actual tube. It allows for easy assembly and our equipment allows for clean holes to be drilled, thus ensuring the tubes aren’t damaged by sub-par equipment. Tube ring rolling is a somewhat unique manipulation which turns a long length of tubing into a perfectly-formed ring. Tube swaging is a unique means of manipulation that changes the shape and internal dimensions of the tube while leaving the external of the tube relatively untouched, making it particularly useful for aesthetic purposes such as in legs for tables.

We can perform manipulation on tubes of all lengths, all thicknesses and all materials. Whether you have a thick copper tube or a thin aluminium tube, you can be assured that they will be cut to a tight tolerance and provided exactly how you want them. Our expert staff and cutting-edge machinery will ensure that whether tube ring rolling or swaging, bending or reducing, your tubes will be manipulated exactly how you want.