Figure out your directional changes

We stand out as a tube manipulation specialist because our services are reliable and professional. Thanks to the knowledge and experience we possess, we can alter tubing for all kinds of products. Not to mention, we have state of the art equipment that makes it easier for us to work accurately and efficiently. As a result, we are the go to for clients in many industries.

So many decisions

Tube manipulationYou have to make many decisions when designing and assembling a new fluid system. It is the same when you are replacing parts in an existing one too.

One of your first decisions to make is whether you need to build your set up with stainless steel pipe or tubing. Threaded pipe may have historically been reliable for fluid systems. These days, tube is advantageous for all sorts of reasons. For instance, it has easy routing and good bend-ability. This can aid operators in acquiring more efficient and fluid system designs with less connection points.

In order to maximise the advantages of tube here, it is vital for you to understand several things. This includes pinpointing where bends are most suitable in your system. You also need to know how to use the proper tube manipulation equipment and the best practices for creating first rate bends. One of the most important considerations here is determining how you will carry out directional changes.

Changing directions

These changes can be accomplished using bends or with tube fittings. The former are applicable for a variety of needs. Yet, your choice between a fitting or bend primarily depends on the circumstances.

Standard 90º directional shifts can be accomplished most effectively using bends. These are handy for any mandatory offsets in your line. To give an example, your tubing might have to traverse a panel without stopping easy access. Here, a selection of 90º bends can be efficient.

Bending and tube manipulation proves to be useful in confined areas too, especially where multiple lengths of tube need to change direction in proximity to one another.

More complex approaches like segment bends and rolling offset bends are also applicable. They may demand more experience and better bending skills though.

Tube manipulation for any need

Clients have come to expect first class results from us; it is what we work so hard to deliver every time. We are also a very versatile business, as we can work with a plethora of materials. Examples include hydraulic tube, stainless steel, brass, and titanium. At the same time, our team are very helpful and are always willing to answer your queries.

So, please contact us if you want to arrange the greatest tube manipulation services. You can come to us for help with all kinds of applications.