If fluid-flow characteristics are important, tubing is the way to go

With tube manipulation, we understand that every client wants a high quality service. Above all else however, they need it to be reliable. This is something our team is more than capable of providing. They draw on their talent and years of experience to adapt tubes with care. Whatever use you have in mind, we can provide tubes for you.

A choice

Some people get to the point where they need to choose between tube and pipe manipulation. As experts in the industry, we are here to tell you that the former is superior. We also intend to explain why right here.

Enhancing fluid-flow

To begin with, tube manipulation enhances fluid-flow characteristics. It does this by fabricating small systems that have smooth directional changes. As for the 45 or 90º elbows you find in piping, they can increase turbulence.

Contemporary fluid systems

Industrial tubes and pipesThere are a number of demands on contemporary fluid systems. They are much tougher than they were a few decades ago. Today, we have leaks that people would once have considered to be annoyances being hazardous spills and fugitive emissions. Both are issues capable of shutting plants down entirely and can result in huge clean up costs. As a result it is vital that the system you have does not allow them.

Modern operations are pushing temperature, flow, and pressure requirements to new heights. They do so with each passing day. However, the elementary ideas of connecting pipes has not evolved that much. Many pipes rely on fastening and sealing strategies that are a century old. As a result they may not be up to the task.

Pipe and tubing both hold fluids for industrial needs. However, tubing has advantages that place it above pipe. When you compare the two, tube performs better, costs less, and is typically easier to install and maintain.

Fewer issues with leaking

In addition, tube fittings are designed not to leak. This is the case even under rocky operating conditions. This is due to their mechanical, metal-to-metal seals. By tightening fitting nuts, you can cold-swage ferrules onto your tubes.

Threaded-pipe connections however tend to require heavy equipment for you to cut the pipe dope and threads. It is the same for TFE tape. You can’t lower the leakage otherwise. Moreover, tubing’s superior flexibility usually means systems that don’t have as many connections. The result is lower costs and fewer potential leaks.

Disassembling everything

Tube ManipulationWhen the need arises, it is comparatively easy to disassemble your tube systems too. The majority of fittings offer a point for rapid disassembly. A large number of fluid handling set ups are modified and tweaked frequently. This makes a hasty disassembly vital. With tube systems, users have the ability to use a tee to replace an elbow in only a few minutes.

Contrarily, threaded pipe is more difficult to disassemble. The reason for this is that you need to handle every component sequentially and individually. The procedure can also be quite lengthy.

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