Get the best out of stainless steel by avoiding the problems

All it takes sometimes is a professional and reliable team to assist you. This is definitely the case with tube manipulation. Since we are experts in this field, we can provide you with the most suitable tubes for the best prices. Manipulation is one of our most useful services and you will certainly find a use for it if you are working with tubing.

The causes of failures

Tube manipulationOne of the most common materials people come to us with is stainless steel. Most applications involving this substance work ideally as the client intends. However, there are cases where an individual ends up with tubing that does not provide the right performance. The causes of the failures usually fall into a series of basic categories. In almost every instance, all you would need to avoid the problems is a bit of basic understanding.

The causes of disappointment can show up whenever they please in a long supply chain. These tend to apply to stainless steel projects. The right information can aid us in explaining why issues happen. Obtaining the knowledge at each part of the supply chain is hard. It also merely takes ignorance in one minor area to cause trouble.

Post-fabrication treatments

One of the primary issues is the significance of post-fabrication treatments. Welds in stainless steel always lead to some amount of heat tint. This is true apart from a few specialist operations. Basically, this tint is an oxidised exterior that has minimal corrosion resistance. This is when you compare to the parent material.

As a result, the standard practice is to perform some kind of post weld treatment. This enhances the corrosion resistance. Not treating the metal can lead to issues. You also need to think about how tube manipulation and other finishing will affect the treatments.


It is important to segregate stainless and carbon steel too. At times, the rust on stainless steel can end up being nothing of the kind. Instead it is the rust from the carbon steel that is contaminating the exterior of the stainless. Potential contamination sources include tools, grinding dust, and wire brushes. You should manufacture carbon and stainless steel in separate parts of your workshop.

Cleaning and maintenance

There are those who believe the corrosion resistant surface of stainless steel can repel things like dirt. However, the truth is that you must maintain the steel. This is true for any surface. Since this is the case, you should keep an eye on cleaning and other tasks.

Call on our tube manipulation service

At Multiform Tubes, we assist a wide range of industrial and domestic clients with our services. They all need tube alterations for one reason or another. We are happy to cater for most of these needs. In addition to stainless steel, we can work with brass, copper, aluminium, and more.

If you would like our help with tube manipulation or another service, please get in touch. You can also learn more about us by browsing our website.