How to work safely with aluminium tubes

The wonderful thing about metal tubes is that they can be easily altered to suit a particular purpose. Specialising in various forms of tube manipulation, we have managed to meet the requirements of a myriad of industries across the country. Appropriate for tubing of varying materials, including the likes of copper, steel, aluminium, and brass, our services are some of the most versatile available.

Aluminium tubes find use in numerous areas, including around the home and in crafting efforts. This soft material is delicate to work with however. When welding such a tube for example, there’s a risk of burning holes through and causing them to melt. Cutting can be tricky too, not only because shards can shoot off, but it can also be easy to crimp the part that is to be cut. It is for this reason why tasks such as these are best left in the hands of a professional.

Performing any sort of tubing work requires the right kind of tools. Several mechanisms can be utilised to cut the tube, such as a hacksaw or circular saw for instance. Hacksaws are typically muscle driven and therefore, aren’t the most appropriate tools in certain cases. Aluminium is weaker than many other substance are however, making hacksaws a more viable option. Circular saws are also good choices, as long as dedicated saw blades are utilised.

The choice of tool however means nothing unless you lubricate the tube first. Lubrication is also handy for the saws as the metals can harm the blades. During the cutting process, friction is generated; leading to high levels of heat and the blade’s destruction eventually. Therefore, lubrication is a necessity.

At Multiform Tubes before we perform our tube manipulation work we take every necessary precaution to ensure that everything remains in pristine condition. Altering tubes isn’t as easy as it sounds, so it should never be attempted by anyone who lacks the adequate training. Fortunately we have the skills to adapt the tube in various ways, including cutting and welding, expansion and reduction, and bending too.

If you are in need of a uniquely shaped tube, we are the company for you.