The features of austenitic, martensitic, and duplex steel

We are experts when it comes to the art of tube drilling. This is a technique we use to modify the existing tubing so clients can use it in all kinds of applications. In addition, with our pre-drilled holes, assembly becomes easier and faster. The tubes we can work on are made of various materials. Steel is among the most popular.

There are many grades of steel out there. You may think you can get away with choosing whichever one you want. However, things are not that easy. It’s essential to think about the type of application you’ll be using your material for. Only afterwards can you start procuring your goods. We want to help you make the correct choice. To do so, we’re going to discuss some of the commercially available steels.


We’ll begin with austenitic. Usually, people refer to these steels as the 300 series, and they’re the most common. The substances belonging to this range have a chromium content of 16% at minimum. There will also be a nickel content of 7%. Such qualities make it resistant to corrosion and ductile. Moreover, they allow for some outstanding welding properties. Applications for austenitic steel include exterior architectural structures and pharmaceutical products.


This is another steel people use. The material can create a complicated face centric cubic lattice. We call this martensite. This renders the medium brittle and hard. To vary its mechanical attributes and toughness, you can heat treat martensitic steel.


The final steel on our list is duplex. It has a unified structure of austenite and ferrite. This variety can withstand stress corrosion cracking at high temperatures.

At Multiform Tubes, we always use the finest materials when fashioning our tubes. This ensures that your products will perform to the right standard. They’ll have the maximum amount of life, strength, and durability. We also maintain these same high standards when finishing tubes, including doing any tube drilling or bending.

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