Is titanium affordable?

When your construction or manufacturing work requires metal pipes to be used, it’s going to be the case that costs will significantly influence the choice of metal. Of all the factors which can affect business decisions in the present day, the ability to achieve the expected results at a lower cost is something which is perpetually sought out. In doing this, however, one must be very careful about the criteria used to measure lower costs. In this respect, we would always encourage people not to dismiss the idea of using titanium just on the basis of the initial cost.

The fact that titanium costs considerably more than steel, copper or other forms of metal is well known. Titanium has a reputation for being very expensive, which is why both the word and the metal itself are widely associated with prestige brands. However, despite the fact that the metal has a high up front cost, this is off-set by the fact that you get a much longer lifespan from titanium than you do with many other metals.

While the high cost of titanium might make steel seem a more attractive option, the many benefits of titanium show why this metal is so widely used. As a metal it is both lighter and stronger than steel, and is naturally highly resistant to corrosion. This is to say that titanium will save weight on your project in comparison to steel, and will have a much longer lifespan. In terms of metal tubes, where corrosion can be accelerated due to coming into contact with liquids, it can quite often work out cheaper to use titanium as it will not have to be replaced for many years, if at all.

If your project involves the use of titanium tubes, then you need to ensure that the company you appoint to carry out tube bending services are aware of how the costs mean there is no margin for error. We are that company. Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals will ensure that care and precision are taken when carrying out the tube drilling, bending and manipulation services you require.