Ring rolling plays a vital part in industry

In some cases, our clients require their tubes to be shaped and manipulated into spiral or spring shapes. This is often needed in sectors such as vehicle or furniture manufacturing, or in the creation of heating systems. When these types of shapes are needed, we will carry out tube ring rolling to achieve accurate results and ensure our clients have access to the shaped components they need.
Ring rolling is one of the most complex and challenging forms of tube manipulation, but we are well equipped to carry it out successfully. During the process, we use state of the art machinery to bend and manipulate the original metal tube into the required spiral or circular shape. The coils can be as tight, loose, large or small as needed, and we can carry out this service on any size of tube.

Ring rolling can be done with the use of various different techniques. It can be done either by hand or by using a machine, and the manipulation process can be hot or cold depending on the demands of that particular project. Whatever type of method we use, you can rest assured that the strength, structure and integrity of the tube will not be compromised and that you will be left with outstanding components which are perfect for the task at hand.

We can provide ring rolled tubes in various strong and hardwearing materials, including brass, titanium steel and copper. No matter what type of work or industry you are involved in, you can be certain that our skilled engineers will perform the ring rolling process to perfection and supply you with the exact components you need, exactly when you need them. Just contact us if you would like to learn more about how we achieve ring rolling, or if you need further information on any of our other services.